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About Us

Corporate Profile

What began in April 2002 as a local construction company in Davenport, Iowa, has grown into a premier design-build and development firm. Build to Suit has seen consistent growth in annual volume in both construction sales and real estate development as indicated with the 2005 opening of a satellite office in Coralville, Iowa. In 2006, the core operation of the company was moved to a new facility in Bettendorf, Iowa to provide space for a growing work force. In 2007, Build to Suit's affiliate, Real Estate Management, Inc. group, was launched offering a wide variety of property management services. Growth continues outside of the Midwest, as customers take Build to Suit to new markets. Despite significant growth, we continue to focus on customer relations, value, integrity and a strong commitment to the community.


Build to Suit Construction community involvement

Why We Are Different

We manage change extremely well. Whether it is changing times, a change in philosophy, a change in schedule or a change in project scope, we adapt and we adapt quickly.

Build to Suit, Inc. understands that change is inevitable. Customers rely on quick and reliable information to make sound decisions. Upon making those decisions, Build to Suit has the capability to implement change efficiently and deliver a quality and timely end product.