A new project always starts at the idea phase—this is where Build to Suit delivers exceptional value. There is always a significant amount of work that goes into determining the feasibility of any construction project. We excel at working with clients to gather all the necessary information for them to make a prudent decision on the scope and scale of their project. We assist clients in site evaluation, pro-forma and cost projections, preliminary discussions with design specialists, and whatever else they may need to help them understand the timeline and costs. Construction projects are complicated by nature—it’s our job to help clients make sense of all the moving parts.

Design-Build Contractor

BTS provides a design-build system of project delivery that streamlines the construction process, better ensures quality and minimizes costs. In most cases, BTS will select and contract directly with a preferred third-party architect based on project type. At times, our clients have a preexisting relationship with an architect, in which case we will work in tandem with the designers to meet the client’s goals and budget. BTS will solicit engineers and subcontractors who do their design in conjunction with the architect. Our experienced team of Project Managers and Superintendents will manage every aspect of the construction process and upon completion will provide all relevant close-out documents, commissioning and a one-year warranty.

Real Estate Development

FOCUS Real Estate Development, Inc., a Build to Suit affiliate, specializes in both brownfield and greenfield real estate development. FOCUS works with property owners interested in selling their land to determine a fair purchase price based on current valuations. Once a property is acquired, FOCUS cooperates with local municipalities to reach a mutually beneficial zoning and density. FOCUS then makes the necessary improvements to the property and partners with BTS to construct new commercial buildings. In the case of a single-family development, FOCUS often makes infrastructure improvements to the land and partners with third-party homebuilders to bring the development to fruition.