BTS Goes Modular

In June 2019 BTS began site work on a unique, first-of-its-kind, prefabricated apartment building in the East Moline “Bend” area.

The 69,000sf, 72 unit apartment building will consist of a mix of studios, 1 BR and 2BR units. It includes one elevator and 3 sets of stairs. The apartments will be market rate and marketed to retired and snowbirds as well as the general public. Each unit will consist of a patio/deck on one side and common corridor on the other. Floors 2-4 will overlook the levy and Mississippi River with a view of the new I-74 Bridge under construction. The newly developed “Bend” area includes a recently completed adjacent Hyatt Place hotel, event center and bike path. Also nearby and under construction is a building designed for Mecum Auctions.

Modular construction allows for the majority of the assembly to be completed in a climate controlled factory with just the siding installed on site. Depending on the respective labor market and union jurisdictions, the square foot cost are very comparable. Overall, the construction duration is reduced relative to conventional framing especially during the winter months. Due to the inherent design, the modules are installed either on a full basement or crawlspace foundation to enable plumbing and electrical connections to the already installed site utilities.

The building will consist of 82 modules which are built inside a factory called Homeway Homes in Deer Creek, IL. Units arrive on site with finishes (paint, flooring, and cabinets installed) complete and appliances installed. The prefabrication of the units allows for an overall reduction in the total construction timeline and takes some of the uncertainty out of the on-site construction process.